Friday, April 13, 2018

Spirituality - Thoughts Versus Actions

The Council:  "Those of you who quest for spirituality must understand what real spirituality is. It is not the act of kindness or loving or caring. It is the thought that instigates the act. If one can train his thoughts, if one can control his thoughts along the line of what is good, what is kind, what is loving, the natural outcome will be an action. Look into yourselves, and examine just how much love is there, how much kindness, how much caring. If there is even just the thought of possibly becoming serious about spirituality, then you have all that is necessary for success. All you must do is cultivate it. All you must do is begin to think about kindness, about compassion, about caring. In time, those thoughts will become actions."

Do not misunderstand when we say thought is important. One cannot just think spiritual thoughts or thoughts of loving, or kindness. One must allow those thoughts to manifest in an action. If the thoughts are sincere, if they truly are from your heart, then they will become action, they will become a doing. Those who only think thoughts of spirituality must question their own sincerity. Are they more interested in the search or in the discovery? There are many who want the search but not the discovery. The search poses no responsibility. The discovery engulfs one in responsibility, in commitment, in the doing. Allow the thoughts and nurture them, and perfection or spirituality is yours."

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Atlantis, Dinosaurs and Polar Change

This quote from William LePar's spiritual source The Council has a lot to say. It answers the question of what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and also makes a prediction for the future. It also states that the Atlanteans had what we call today lasers. There is more here that is inferred such as the electromagnetic construction of our beings which refers to the construction of our universe and also points indirectly to the incidents that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. More on those later.
Questioner:  Did the Atlanteans have trouble with dinosaurs?
The Council:  Well, that was one of their toys.  Oh, they got rid of them.
Questioner:  With their crystal?
The Council:  Part, yes, but the greatest, shall we say, ending to the dinosaurs were the polar changes.  The changing of the poles, although you may feel it comes gradually, it does not.  There is a building up, of course, but once the poles change it is a traumatic shock.  It is an experience that upsets the entire magnetic field of the earth and since you are part of that it can also affect the electromagnetic construction of your being so that, shall we say, time could freeze temporarily and some very unusual things can transpire.  Man has not experienced a polar change and God forbid when he does.  If you think your bombs can cause havoc, man has not begun to dream yet.
Questioner:  When you say man has not experienced a polar change, are you referring to present man or present history?
The Council:  Naturally, naturally.  Your little quivering of your axis now is only the build-up because you will not only have instantaneous freezing and raining of ice, you will have instantaneous burning and raining of fire.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Love and Respect Yourself

The following is a closing message from a trance with William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. It encourages us to love and respect ourselves. It was a constant theme with them.
The Council:  We enjoy being with you.  The nature, the good nature, that each of you have is not so far from the nature that we carry.  The only thing that separates all of you from all of us is your concept of what you are doing.  Just as you are growing through the activities of the physical world, so are we growing.  We have learned that we can grow without the framework of physical creation.  You, too, will learn that.  All of eternity and all of everlasting life is a process of evolvement or growth.  It is unending and will always be unending.  If you can realize that the most important concept that you can weave into your entire conscious framework is to love yourself and respect yourself so that you can love someone else, you will have the keys to success, for if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone else.  You must begin to respect yourself; you must begin by accepting the responsibility of being a child of God.  And the first   responsibility is to love and respect yourself.
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

God's Rules

God's Rules

In this uplifting quote William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, gives us all hope as we move through our lives.

The Council: There are many rules that seem immovable, but they are only as rigid and solid as are the men who make them.  The rules of God are absolute and unchangeable.  They are sturdy as a shepherd's staff; they are as high and as strong and as firm as a mountain, but even in this, one should take great delight in that in God's Total Love, His Law, His Rules, are equal for each of His Children. They are as fair for one as they are for the other, and they are only as binding and as demanding on an individual as that individual can honestly fulfill them. Man's rules are not pliable and are not bending; they are rigid, so consequently, they can be broken or they can be changed. God's rules are made in love, consequently, they are firm; they are strong; they are good; they are fair; they are rigid; but they become elastic and bendable with love as the tempering element. God's Laws will not be broken, but they will bend to meet you as you stretch to reach them. This is the Love of your Father.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

To those who are divorced or separated

Questioner:  Do you have any hope for people who are divorced or separated?  According to their religious teachings, some of them may feel doomed.

The Council:  They are never doomed, and to be burdened with such feelings can be destructive to the individual.  People, souls, entities, should have much more faith in their Creator, and should attempt to become much more aware of His Total Love.  The judgment of the Divine is far more fair and lenient and loving than the greatest of all men put together, and for an individual to feel as though God has abandoned them because of a decision they have made is self-destructive.  They should never feel that one decision has totally destroyed them or that by one wrong decision their Father in Heaven has turned His back on them.  Remember, if a mother or a father can forgive a child of their wrong-doings, certainly your Father in Heaven is much, much, much more loving and understanding.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Council – Part 4 - Their Appearance

In the final part of this four-part series The Council explains what their appearance is or could be if they chose.
Questioner: Does your size relate to, like, human size?
The Council: We have no size. We have no real form, as you are accustomed to know. We are spirit. If it were necessary for us to show ourselves to you or anyone naturally we would do so in a particular form but it would be acceptable to your state of mind or your conscious level but as far as actually having a form as you know form, no. What we are and where we are, we can only tell you in pictures; we can only tell you in pictures, because you cannot conceive yet within your minds nor can the most advanced minds that man has in the physical, conceive what we look like or how we exist. It is the purest essence of our creation, that very, very breath of God. We are totally aware of that now. We know the strength and power that we have. We know the ability of love, true love, true love, not what man or you refer to as love. The intensity with which we experience joy is a hundred thousand times greater than your wildest imagination, as is our existence, our sensitivity. If this would give you some idea, when we come into this room, we do not really come into it, we are part of it. We are here and then we are not here. At times when our vibrations are somewhat higher than what they should be even the house itself knows that there is what you would refer to as a holy presence. The house creaks, especially in this room. And a form such as us, or such as you could recognize would not be able to do. If one wanted to apply to some of the more modern terminology, it's a state of existence, but even this does not nearly explain. If you wanted a picture of what we possibly could look like, the best thing that would represent us would be figures robed in long gowns with very delicate or gentle-type features. We can very easily create a physical body just as solid and just as real as the one you yourself are aware of.
Questioner: Thank you.
The Council: You are most welcome.
Questioner: Although I have to admit I don't really understand.
The Council: We can understand why you do not understand, but you are not expected to really understand. For you we would simply say our dimensions would be of average height and weight and we would have a variety of hair coloring, a variety of skin coloring, but in all there would be a common appearance of gentleness, of brilliancy.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Council – Part 3 - Their Task

In part three of this series William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, talks about their purpose in these communications.

The Council: As to our exact duty or our exact purpose for being in communication with you. We are not so interested in the physical needs. There are other forms of communication for this. We are here to answer the spiritual needs, to educate the spirit, to bring back the true truth that is from God or the Infinite Father. Much of the truth has been dressed up and kept only for those who feel they are solely the proprietors of the truth. The truth is simple, the truth is plain, and it belongs first to the lowly and then to the mighty. Those who sit on top professing the truth will be the last to hear it. Count yourself lucky. You have an opportunity to receive information. It is for you then to judge whether or not it is truth for you. We can say it is the truth, and in truth, it is. But only you can put it to work. Only you can use what you have asked for. Asking for the truth does not necessarily mean you will use it to its fullest benefit, for sometimes the truth is not what we wish, for it does mean that we must sacrifice at times.